give me a daisy

~ ~ ~ ~ read ~ write ~ look ~ listen ~ create

create something today

It seems like a good day for creating, doesn’t it ? So go ahead:

  • Scribble a poem.
  • String some beads together.
  • Knit and purl a few rows of that sweater.
  • Borrow a coloring book from a kid and pick out a page to color. If you don’t have crayons, you can use some of mine.
  • Take a photograph of something outside your front door that looks like autumn.
  • Make up your own song—and sing it, of course.
  • Draw a picture on a postcard and mail it to yourself.
  • Tie dye your kitchen curtains.
  • Choose a color scheme for redecorating your bathroom.
  • Cut out some pieces of fabric for your quilt.
  • Turn a bunch of flowers into a bouquet.
  • Build a shelf and paint it.
  • Cut out some magazine pictures and make a collage.
  • Try a new recipe or experiment with an old one.
  • Make someone happy.
  • Make someone else giggle.
  • Create your own list of things to create.
  • Improvise. Riff. Make something up.

ta da!

After you complete your creation, you can assume this pose. (You don’t have to, but you’re entitled.)

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