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playing (great music) for change

If you have just returned from interplanetary travel and don’t know about Playing for Change, do yourself a favor and check them out. What they’re up to is “connecting the world through music”–and what beautiful and moving music it is. These are four personal favorites of the over 70 videos they’ve produced. I can hardly wait for the next CD to be released.

You can never ever have too much music!

episode 63: a change is gonna come

Live from Folsom Prison, the PFC Band at its most soulful.

episode 53: la tierra del olvido

Translates to “land of the forgotten.” 75 musicians from all over Colombia. Just amazing.

episode 49: satchita

A musical journey from Brazil to India (from the PFC2 CD). So joyful.

episode 38: imagine

John Lennon’s song around the world. Still gives me chills

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