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This is a great post from Container Chronicles on using keywords to help you focus and to mark the transition from one season to the next.

Container Chronicles

Four Seasons

Wednesday was the first day of spring, and in keeping with my commitment to seasonal keywords, I am ready to announce my choice for spring. The habit of using seasonal keywords has provided me with a way to visualize my short-term goals in an effort to free-up the future. I want to have more time for pursuing the things that give me meaning, but my schedule has been too hectic, a condition that is a direct result of a lack of awareness. If this practice and focus have done nothing else for me, they have shown me that I have been moving through my life on auto-pilot, responding to distractions without having a solid compass that leads me back to true north, or my authentic self.

For each season, I choose a keyword. Then I look for a visual representation that helps me keep these keyword in sight…

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  1. Reblogged this on Farther to Go! and commented:

    A reblog of my own reblog. 🙂
    I’ve found keywords to be very useful in journal writing, focusing, and just noticing.

  2. Thanks! I feel like I’m seeing double, but in this case, I like it. 🙂

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