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Being Awake

Being Awake (Photo credit: Celestine Chua

My keyword for winter is awake.

awake: conscious; not asleep

A counter-intuitive choice for the time of year, perhaps. And perhaps it sprang to mind because of this amazingly, awesomely invigorating song that I’ve been addicted to for some time that just forces me to get up and dance whenever I hear it. (There are witnesses.) Turn up the volume to listen.

It’s always such a joy that you wake up in the morning
and there’s work to do.

–Jerome Lawrence, author and playwright

What’s your keyword for winter?

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11 thoughts on “awake!

  1. Rich Jones on said:

    “Gingerly,” as in “Tread gingerly upon the icy pavement.” During a recent spate of ice and snow where I live, I had to walk to work for several days because my car’s tires were too worn down to get traction, and being in a less fashionable section of Reno, we get no snow plowing or ice reduction services.

    The first day, the snow was still fresh on the ground and easy to walk on, but as the days progressed, we’d get daily thaws and nightly freezes that left thick sheets of ice everywhere. As a Son of San Francisco, where the last time it snowed there (1960s?) the newspapers had it on their front pages, I found myself lacking in both proper footwear and the knowledge of how to walk on ice. As it turns out, the key word is “gingerly.”

    • Hi, Richard. I understand! Gingerly is the perfect word for winter walking–especially this winter. I’ve been experiencing some of that icy stuff on the sidewalks, too.

      It did actually snow in San Francisco in 1976–at least it “snow-flurried.” RC said that driving in it made him dizzy. 🙂 I recall the year because it happened during the short time we lived in that apartment across the street from the house on Anza St.

      Keep treading gingerly and try to stay upright!

  2. Don Travis on said:

    Timely. I was having trouble realizing I was awake this morning.

  3. Now that’s a bit worrisome. 🙂

  4. Feel

    Something I pretty much refused to do for many years. While I am much better, I need to continue to focus on acknowledging I have emotions, and that they are I important – maybe even good for me.

  5. poetdonald on said:


    Something I pretty much avoided doing for many years.While I have made great progress acknowledging I have emotions and they are important – even good for me, a continual reminder is a good idea.

    • That’s a good one. Being as creative as you are, you might be interested in the challenge I set for myself regarding my keyword, which is to be awake to one thing (notice it more than in passing) every day for the next three months. I’m going to be posting my awake moments as I’m able to do so. As always, thanks so much for contributing. I may borrow that keyword from you one of these days.

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  8. My keyword for the year is “inspired.” I am approaching life, work and personal relationships in a new and more enthusiastic way.

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