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celebrating fresh flowers

flowers1There’s something about having fresh flowers inside that changes the atmosphere and brightens even a gloomy or overcast day. I have a lot of plants around my apartment, but I really miss the flowers when I don’t have any. The empty vases seem so…empty. Cut flowers often feel like an extravagance, so I don’t get them every week. But I make a point of getting some at least once a month.

About 10 years ago, I discovered the Alstroemeria. I love these flowers, which are commonly known by nearly as many names as the colors they come in: Peruvian Lily, Lily of the Incas, Parrot Flower. The supermarket across the street sells them in bunches of five stems, each stem with its own bouquet of blooms.

flowers2The ones in the pictures are a mix of cherry and cherry and white, a good choice for spring. I’ve also seen them in shades of purple, lilac, white, yellow, orange, deep red, and many subtle variations and combinations thereof.

Two bunches are enough to fill a large vase as well as a smaller one that sits on the sideboard in the dining area. Sometimes there’s even a sprig left over for the bud vase in my bedroom.

Having fresh flowers always—always—feels like a celebration. They remind me that I’m rich, at least in spirit, no matter what else I may lack or may be under the impression I lack.

This post is part of April’s 30 Days of Celebration. To read more, click on the Celebration category link.

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