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celebrating with Fiesta ware!

fiestawareThis isn’t the inside of one of my kitchen cupboards, but it’s close enough. Fiesta ware—known affectionately by those of us who collect it as “kitchen crack”—makes everything that involves dishes a celebration. That includes emptying the dishwasher because, of course, it’s full of Fiesta ware goodness.

fiestaware2Exchanging all of my more practical and mundane dishes for Fiesta ware has definitely added the element of celebration to my life on a daily basis. No matter how preoccupied I am or how low my mood may be, when I open a cupboard to get out a bowl or plate I always stop for at least a few seconds to gaze upon all the beautiful dishes.

The only thing I don’t understand about Fiesta ware is why anyone would intentionally choose black, white, or ivory. Doesn’t that defeat the festive purpose?

fiestaware3Choosing a color or putting different colors together never gets old. The enjoyment, like the colors, never fades.

Everyone should have at least some Fiesta ware in their lives. But beware. This stuff really is addicting. I’m fortunate to have a relatively small kitchen; otherwise, I don’t think I would have been able to stop when I did.

Is there something in your home that gives you a feeling of celebration every day? (And if you don’t have any Fiesta ware, don’t you want some now…maybe a small fruit bowl or a little bread and butter plate?)

This post is part of April’s 30 Days of Celebration. To read more, click on the Celebration category link.

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