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the periodic table of storytelling


Please check out the periodic table of storytelling, created by James Harris. It’s fascinating, fun, and even useful for both writers and readers.

I found this gem through Open Culture.

Dylan Hears A Who

Open Culture does it again by digging up this “album” of Dr. Seuss stories turned into songs sung by Bob Dylan. It’s not actually Bob Dylan, but it sure sounds like him. If Bob Dylan recorded these songs would you buy them?

Green Eggs and Ham is delightful. An instant classic!

Here’s Oh, the Thinks You Can Think:

And Too Many Daves (no video, but a nice change of pace):

There are a few more from the fake album, Dylan Hears a Who. You can find them on YouTube. I only wish the artist who created them had included my favorite Seuss book, Fox in Socks.

But as a bonus, here’s Jimmy Fallon’s impersonation of Jim Morrison and The Doors performing Reading Rainbow. (Thank you, Donna.)

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