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music made visible

Violin_CymaGlyphA3_280108_pdfPlease check out the website for Cymascope (music made visible), where you can see music notes as “holographic bubbles.”

musicmadevisible is a new concept in musical expression, a stream of cymatic images representing an analog of music in visual form. If our eyes could see music we would not see waves, as is commonly believed, but beautiful holographic bubbles, with shimmering kaleidoscopic patterns on their surface. The CymaScope allows us to see this previously hidden realm of beauty.

There is much more information about how this works on the website, which also has a CymaPiano. You can click on the keys to see what each note looks like. Plus there’s a “cymatics experiment,” a short video of Pink Floyd’s Welcome to the Machine.┬áSo cool!

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